“History, Culture and Nationl Sovereignty”


La Habana, January the 28th till 31th, 2023


As part of the scientific program of the V International Conference FOR THE BALANCE OF THE WORLD, to be held in Havana from January 24th to 28th, 2023, organized by the José Martí Project for World Solidarity, delegates to this event will also be able to participate in the II International Collo­quium of Historians “History, Culture and National Sovereignty”.

This space within the V International Conference is convened by the Union of Historians of Cuba (UNHIC), in coordination with the Academy of Cuban History, the Institute of Cuban History, the Office of Historical Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic, the Center for Jose Marti Studies, the University of Havana and the University of Oriente. The event brings together historians and specialists from related disciplines and aims to promote exchange and debate among specialists around different aspects related to the work of the profession and specific research results in the historical and theore­tical-methodological order, on the following topics:

1. Vision on the integration processes in Latin America. Historicity and currentsituation.

2. Our America: Independence and Revolution.

3. José Martí, the concepts world balance and Our America.

4. Cuba and the world in contemporary historiography.

5. Historiographic criticism: paradigms and challenges.

6. The teaching of history: theoretical and methodological problems.

7. The formation of historians: experiences and challenges.

8. Experiences in the socialization of historical knowledge. History in the publishing world and digital alternatives.

9. Importance of historical memory in individual formation and social development.

You can participate with or without a written paper. In both scenarios the person will be consi­dered a DELEGATE and will receive a diploma from the Organizing Committee of the V International Conference with the corresponding academic credits, according to international standards. At the same time, the Union of Historians of Cuba will certify the participation in the II Colloquium.

The inscriptions of those interested in taking part in one or another modality can be made directly to the Organizing Committee of this II Colloquium or to the Organizing Committee of the V Interna­tional Conference FOR THE BALANCE OF THE WORLD.

The participants in the Colloquium will be considered delegates to the V Conference and will have the right to be present in all the commissions, master conferences and other scientific spaces of the scientific program, as well as in cultural and other parallel activities already planned.

Those interested in presenting papers at the II Colloquium “History, Culture and National Sove­reignty” must send their work to the Organizing Committee until November 30, 2022, through email: unhic-cuba@cubarte.cult.cu or to theOrganizing Committee of the V International Conference throu­gh email: hpardo2006@yahoo.es and hpardo@cubarte.cult.cu, indicating their interest in taking part in said II Colloquium. They must be sent fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Work title. Summary (up to 100 words in Spanish).
  • Name(s) and surname(s) of the author(s). Scientific degree(s). Institution(s) to which they be­long. City, Country. Email address.

All speakers must present to the Organizing committee of the Colloquium, at the time of accredi­tation in Havana, the full text of their presentations —including annexes—, which will be delivered to the V International ConferenceOrganizing Committee, in a printed copy on 8.5 x 11 paper, accompa­nied by a digital copy in Word format, in Arial 12. They will later be published in the Memories of the V International Conference FOR THE BALANCE OF THE WORLD and distributed in universities and other research centers in different parts of the world. It is also expected an e-book published by the Union of Historians of Cuba on the Memories of this II Colloquium.


The participants will be accredited as delegates to the V International Conference FOR THE BALAN­CE OF THE WORLD, for which they will have access to the entire program and will have all rights that emanate from their accreditation to it.The Accreditation Fees, as established in the Call for this plural and multidisciplinary world forum, will be USD 120.00 for delegates and USD 50.00 for companions, or its equivalent in national currency. Undergraduate students will pay 70.00 USD.


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  • Organizing Committee of the II International Colloquium of Historians “History, Culture and National Sovereignty” unhic-cuba@cubarte.cult.cu
  • Organizing Committee of the V International Conference FOR THE BALANCE OF THE WORLD: hpar­do2006@yahoo.es and hpardo@cubarte.cult.cu
  • HavanaConvention Center, Cuba.

Professional CongressOrganizer: MSc. ZosimaLopez Ruiz

E-mail: zosima@palco.cu Telephones: (537) 208 5199 / 210 7100, extension 1105

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